This was written in May 2016, Nothing that has happened has changed my opinion

I am voting for the UK to remain in the EU 
I find the reasons to stay compelling and those to leave unconvincing and at worst frightening. 
Compelling not only because of the economy (where I think remain has overwhelmingly the better case,) but because I think it good that we across Europe have a parliament and some civil servants working for all us. This is good for many reasons not least but not most so we all can buy and sell knowing that we are on a fair and equal platform 
I also like that the EU uses some of my small contribution to help poorer nations raise their game.
Leave is Unconvincing because the economic case is so weak and their rhetoric is full of deceptive statements. And even lies.
Frightening because there is such a nonchalant dismissal of the peaceable history and purpose of the EU 
I'm not sure how fragile the EU is but it certainly won't do it any good if we say sod off EU. I do not want to see a breakdown of the relationship between countries in Europe. My generation has had decades of peace in Europe even while we have watched ghastly events and regime's around the globe. Yes I know about Nato ta.
So then I read polls that seem to show that it is pretty even so I try again to understand what the Brexiteers want. And again I can't get it. 
Sovereignty is that it? What is this Sovereignty? Does it impact me? Or any of the people in the UK apart from those who seek power? 
Are those who wish to leave hoping for a return of the past? The world has changed. We probably give away more of our personal sovereignty to Google and Amazon than to the EU.
What about the cost? It sound a lot £120m per day, but do you know what that is to the,’5th largest economy in the world?’ not much under 1% of our government spending, you probably have a personal pursuit that you spend much more on so don't think it's the money
So what is it that makes people want to disrupt the current European order so much?
The obvious thing is that the EU is not that good at some stuff but the other is immigration. Or is it the immigrants? 
The country is full is it? Nope. And many of the European immigrants will go home when for example Poland is richer as a consequence of being in the EU. Will they go when GB is poorer as a result of leaving the EU?
I haven't yet mentioned the people but I have not one jot of confidence in handing our economy and sovereignty to the likes of Boris and Gove
Finally if we stay nothing stops us leaving if in the future the brexiteers fears are realised and we are overrun with marauding Turks.
So it's Remain for me and I hope for the majority of voters