The long lasting Representative Parliamentary Democracy that has kept the UK sane has been betrayed

You voted for Brexit did you?

Tough, whatever it is you think you voted for you won't get it

Perhaps if you have vast amounts of money and don't give a shit about people you will get what you wanted, in which case fuck off

But the average voter who voted Leave won't get what they wanted, whatever that is

You won't be free to be a racist

You won't see £350 million per week for the NHS, quite the opposite

You won't have a good relationship with your Remain voting or younger children for the rest of your life. Unless you admit you were suckered

You won't see a big reduction in immigration, although good number of good people will fuck of back to where they came from in the EU

You won't get control of our laws, although some landed fucker from Eton might decide to impose some on you